Impossible Octopus Fitness

When muscle rhymes with tentacle

Now, you'll quickly notice that arm wresting an octopus will very often leave you the winner. I've heard some use strong language about octopuses based on that mere fact. But those foul mouths are missing the big picture.

Be humble, and look at what a tentacle can do. Then, look at your own arm. You see where I'm going.

Tentacles are able to do so much more than those rigid limbs we call our arms. Try to get your arm to do a tentacle move. Try again. And again. Soon, you arm will move just like a tentacle.

And if you're still feeling doubts over octopuses' strength based on their arm-wrestling skills, note that they tend to be sore losers. Grin a bit too much, and you'll soon feel tentacles surround your body, and crush all of your bones. Then, you'll feel the power of the tentacle muscle.