Impossible Octopus Fitness

Truly impossible? Amy testifies.

After our recent coverage story in the NY Times, we've been receiving a lot of incredulous feedback from readers. Let's start right off by assuring you that we understand your skepticism. Virtually everyone is skeptical of the Impossible Octopus Fitness magic before they try it.

Rather than deploying a long argument, we'd rather let testimonies talk. This one belongs to Amy Williams, a native of the United Kingdom.

"If you had seen me a few months ago only, I was just a girl who waited for something good to happen to my life. After a while feeling like an empty robot, my friends and families felt like they had disappeared from my life. But then, I encountered the Impossible Octopus Fitness, and it felt like I was suddenly touched by an angel!

The IOF has improved the human I was. I started embarking on many life adventures, and I have numerous times been wondering if my life is just a dream or reality. I used to be blue all the time, but now I’ve been glowing so much, that I’m actually contracting as a model for a local make-up brand! I’ve never considered dropping out of the IOF; even though in my new life I travel a lot, I’ve always managed to find octopuses in ponds everywhere I went."