Impossible Octopus Fitness

The Impossible Octopus Fitness club is all about going to the middle of the ocean and perform impossible fitness with octopuses! Interested in tentacle exercise? Join us today!

Truly impossible? Amy testifies.

After our recent coverage story in the NY Times, we've been receiving a lot of incredulous feedback from readers. Let's start right off by assuring you that we understand your skepticism. Virtually everyone is skeptical of the Impossible Octopus Fitness magic before they try it.

Rather than deploying a long argument, we'd rather let testimonies talk. This one belongs to Amy Williams, a native of the United Kingdom.

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When muscle rhymes with tentacle

Now, you'll quickly notice that arm wresting an octopus will very often leave you the winner. I've heard some use strong language about octopuses based on that mere fact. But those foul mouths are missing the big picture.

Be humble, and look at what a tentacle can do. Then, look at your own arm. You see where I'm going.

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Launching the Impossible Octopus Fitness today

Two years ago, I found myself lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, trying to swim to the nearest island. (How I got there is a entirely other story. Long story short: don't plan on a parachute jump in the middle of the ocean without arranging for someone to come pick you up after you've landed. Learned it the hard way.)

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