Impossible Octopus Fitness

Launching the Impossible Octopus Fitness today

Two years ago, I found myself lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, trying to swim to the nearest island. (How I got there is a entirely other story. Long story short: don't plan on a parachute jump in the middle of the ocean without arranging for someone to come pick you up after you've landed. Learned it the hard way.)

Anyway, fast forward ten days later, it was starting to feel a bit long-ish. But suddenly, I felt a tentacle around my ankle, and very quickly an octopus, was there, at the surface with me, smiling at me (I swear it was).

The octopus told me in octopus language: "Come on man! You've got to flex that muscle!", and just went on its way.

Shortly thereafter, I was finding an inhabited island, and made it to safety. I'm positive that what saved me was that octopus (not at all the 10 days of continuous swim).

Some people have said it's impossible, and I must have had visions from the mild exhaustion I was starting to feel, but what I'm saying is: octopus fitness saved me! Impossible you say? Then, let's practice Impossible Octopus Fitness together!